The company was established in 1997 as a result of restructuring of timber, steelmaking and mining industries in our region in order to provide work for disabled, older workers and for workers who lost their jobs in the process of restructuring.

ZIP center is 100% owned by the company SIJ – Slovenska industrija jekla, d.d. and has had the status of a sheltered company for the disabled since 1997.

The company has developed many activities. The most important are:

  • joinery,
  • printing shop,
  • cleaning and upkeeping of green areas with landscaping,
  • support services, program of concessions, and
  • a center for rehabilitation of disabled persons.

The independent organizational unit, the Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Carinthia (CRIK) holds a concession from the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Relations of the Republic of Slovenia for implementation of employment rehabilitation.

Products and services of the company are recognized in local and a broader environment, and are known as unique products.

Since it was established, the company has increased the number of employees from 17 to 115, herewith creating 98 new jobs.

The company has a clear vision of its development to preserve the existing and to open new jobs also for the labour population which is less competitive in the labour market.