Vision, mission, values


The vision of the company ZIP center is to be the largest employer for disabled persons in the Carinthian region, providing innovative, inspiring, different and in particular unique products and services from different areas. Our products are unique.


Our principle aim is the satisfaction of employees, customers and suppliers. We develop and firm the satisfaction in the following fields together with our loyal customers:

  • joinery,
  • printing, 
  • cleaning, 
  • supporting services, co-operations, and
  • vocational rehabilitation 

Fifty percent of our employees are disabled. In the company, we create opportunities for their development and specialization. We in the ZIP center company are different, unique. And so are our products. This difference in people and services represents the opportunity for our customers, for our specialization.
We create and maintain a dynamic environment where confidence, sincerety and responsibility are the basic values that ensure a successful development of our employees and their commitment.
With responsible business and management, we guarantee the growth of the company and promote respect for nature.


Our values are respect, confidence and excellence.
We in the company are aware of our responsibility towards customers, suppliers, business partners, owners and employees.
We fulfil their expectations with motivated employees, a clear vision and with a firm development orientation. We observe legal stipulations and provide for environment protection.