ZIP center has long-year experience in training and employment of disabled persons and is successful in carrying out modern activities related to vocational rehabilitation.

Service is carried out by the Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Carintia (CRIK) which is an independent organizational unit in the frame of ZIP center and is one of 14 contractors in the network of contractors who are licensed for vocational rehabilitation in Slovenia.

The vocational rehabilitation is defined by the Slovenian Act on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 16/07 – UPB2, 87/11 and 96/12 – ZPIZ 2) as a group of services focused on training of disabled persons for a certain work, on how to find a job, how to keep the job and how to promote and change his/her career.

The program deals with disabled persons in a different, broader manner.
Members of a professional team (two doctors – specialists in medicine of labour, traffic and sport, a psychologist, a specialist in andragogy, a social worker,a labour therapist and a technologist) carry out:

  • all services of vocational rehabilitation for employees and unemployed disabled persons and persons in the process of disability establishment,
  • social and medical care, and
  • activities from the field of advising, educating and training.

The team is concentrated on activation, encouragement and developoment of positive properties, skills and interests of each individual.