Social inclusion

The program of social inclusion has been running in our company since 2011 on the basis of an agreement with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Matters and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia. Any disabled person with a Decision on unemployability can participate in it. The program is meant to support the disabled and to preserve their working capacities and social integration.

The disabled enter the program on a free basis. Emphasis is laid on activity, gaining, preserving and developing labour and social skills of a disabled person. Activities are adjusted to psychophysical capabilities and interests of individual disabled person.

The program of social inclusion is an independent organizational unit in the frame of ZIP center.

The group with mentors and specialists work together with other production and service programs of ZIP center; at the same time, it has been successfully developing a line of own products characterized by handicraft.

One of more important goals of the company is to exercise influence upon changing the thinking about employing a disabled person, particularly in the sense of focusing on his/her preserved skills and knowledge – or in other words to become able to see persons with potential in disabled individuals.